Wellness Newsletter No. 8 - The Healing Issue

Wellness Newsletter No. 8 - The Healing Issue

It's time to cleanse as spring is upon us, with warmer days and more sunshine making for a happier you!

Welcome to The Spring Healing Issue, as we present you with our seasonal focus of shedding what no longer serves you and removing old, unwanted energies.

We've been lucky enough to chat with author Daniela Boin ahead of the upcoming book release Soul Notes, where she divulges her journey to fulfilment.

You'll find out more about local wellness company Hydralyfe and we talk Adaptogens with chef & better ageing advocate, Amanda Daniel.

For your spring nourishment, our feature recipe is the Mood Boosting bowl -Designed by Nutritionist and 2023 MasterChef contestant, Malissa Fedele!

Using locally sourced wholefoods & bursting with flavour, this bowl is designed to nourish your mind & body this spring season!