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Soul Notes - A Personal Love Letter

Daniela Boin was inspired to create intuitive poetry as she found herself in need of personal healing. Her desire to authentically express her views and experiences led to Soul Notes, her debut collection. She shares with us her inspirations and how we can all work towards addressing our own healing.
What Led You To Write Soul Notes? 
I craved for a community where I felt safe enough to express myself authentically, without judgement. I also went through some huge life-changing events which led me to write.
How Therapeutic Is Writing For You?
To me, the act of writing feels like freedom. After years and years of keeping myself and my writing talent hidden, I finally gave myself the permission and space to use my writing as a place of true, authentic, and genuine expression. It gave me a place to heal through my words because sometimes talking about them wasn’t what I really needed. Releasing my emotions, my past and my thoughts through my words is a type of therapeutic healing you can only experience by actually doing it.
What Has The Act Of Writing Had On Your Personal Growth?
Writing has completely changed me (or I like to think brought me back to my true self). It made me ask questions about what was really important to me and what I really wanted from my life. It allowed me to find a career path I didn’t think was possible – to actually be a professional writer – and to become confident in myself again. Writing has helped me work through my anxiety more than I’ll ever be able to explain.
How Do You Define "Doing The Work"For Personal Healing?
To me, doing the work means going inward, working through a lot of the darkness to get to your light. It means becoming aware of yourself – the good, the ugly, your past, traumas, triggers, what has made you, you. And then making conscious decisions to consistently work through it all. It is truly the most challenging, gut-wrenching thing I’ve decided to do but the most lightening experience of my life and it will continue to be.
Do You Have Any Advice For Others?
If you are feeling that push, that little whisper telling you to go inward and move through that process of healing – do it. It’s one thing in life you’ll seriously never regret and you’ll look back and be so grateful you took the leap.