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Cold Bowls

With local and only the freshest produce in mind this range contains house made dressings, no nasties and no preservatives.

Fresh, wholesome, locally grown food that's full of flavour.

In today's busy world it's more important than ever to eat mindfully! Our supermarket range has been created using NO preservatives, NO additives... NO numbers! Just real food.

Go figure? Food that IS actually good for you!



    The close relationship with our growers enables us to provide the freshest, locally grown seasonsal produce.


    Made in a traditional manner & brimming with wholesome ingredients. They contain no added sugar, are dairy & gluten free. Did we mention, they’re also vegan friendly!


    Synthetic additives, pesticides or genetic interference are not allowed in our kitchen!


    Our bowls contain ingredients which help improve digestion, prevention of IBS disorders, have nourishing elements like Vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin E, folate, niacin, thiamin and riboflavin.


Made with Heart

Here at Bowlsome, we believe you are what you eat.

Cliché we know, but in today’s busy world it’s more important than ever to eat mindfully. That’s why we’re here to make it easier to find fresh, wholesome, locally grown food that’s full of flavour!

This is honest, quality fare, served in the simplest of vessels – Dive in.

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"With Bowlsome, I know that I am filling my body with all the good things that I need to perform."


"If you’re a busy mum like me and trying to be somewhat healthy (in between the chocolate bars) grab one of these from selected Foodland supermarkets. You won't be disappointed 👌🏼 trust me 😉"


"I personally love Bowlsome because it’s made up of wholesome ingredients and preservative FREE (which is rare for pre-made meals). Not only that but it’s absolutely delicious!!"


"Having the Bowlsome vegan range means I can feel good about the nourishment that’s going into my body while doing right by animals 🐾"


"The Roasted Harvest bowl is one of my favourites because it's got such a wide variety of vegetables in it"


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