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*NEW - Green Beef Curry

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    "All females need carbohydrates to support optimal hormone health, especially active females! A great nutrient rich curry that will nourish and fuel your body for exercise and all daily activities!" - AB Performance Nutrition

    Indulge your senses in the aromatic allure of our fragrant Green Beef Curry, a tantalising blend of tender beef simmered in a rich, coconut-infused green curry sauce, brimming with vibrant herbs and spices that transport your taste buds to the heart of Southeast Asia. Savour the perfect fusion of succulent meat and exotic flavours for a culinary experience that's both aromatic and unforgettable.

    Our Green Beef Curry is tender, tasteful and nutrient dense! It offers protein, carbohydrates and fats to support daily energy levels and fuel all daily activities. The diverse range of plant foods provide important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support general health & wellbeing! 



    Calories: 545
    Protein: 19.0
    Carbs: 62.8
    Fats: 23.0


    Qty per serve (350g)         Qty per 100g

    Energy:              2280kj                   617kj

    Protein:                 19.0g                     5.1g

    Fat, total:              23.0g                    6.2g

    - Saturated:          16.8g                     4.6g

    - Trans               < 0.01g                < 0.01g

    Carbohydrates:   62.8g                   17.0g

    - Sugar:                 4.3g                      1.2g

    Sodium:             229mg                 62mg

    Gluten:     Nil detected       Nil detected   

    *NEW - Green Beef Curry BowlsomeAU
    *NEW - Green Beef Curry BowlsomeAU
    Servings per package: 1, Serving Size: 370g.

    Ingredients: Beef Green Curry (60%) (Eggplant, Coconut Cream (Coconut, Vegetable Gum (Xanthan, Guar)), Beef, Coconut Milk (Coconut, Vegetable Gum (Guar)), Broccoli, Lime Juice, Onion, Green Curry Paste (Green Chilli, Onion, Birdseye Chilli, Lime, Basil, Ginger, Shrimp Paste Crustacea), Cloves, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Turmeric, Coriander), Kaffir Lime Leaf, Basil, Fish Sauce, Chicken Broth Base (Salt, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Yeast Extract, Chicken, Onion, Flavour, Carotene), Sugar, Salt), Rice.

    Made in South Australia from at least 85% Australia ingredients. Nutritional information is based on standard product formulation and average figures. Slight variations to nutrient values and serving sizes may occur. Information correct at time of publishing.

    Allergen advice: Contains Crustacea, Fish.
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