Why Go Preservative Free with Supermarket Swap

Why Go Preservative Free with Supermarket Swap

We sat down with Nabula of @supermarket.swap to find out more about Supermarket Swap.


You describe Supermarket Swap as "A mum's quest to find additive & preservative free products." What was the moment you realised that you needed to start an account about supermarket ingredients?

I used to be overwhelmed by the choice on the supermarket shelf. When I became a mother, I slowly started to read ingredient lists and couldn’t believe how drastically ingredients could vary on the same product ie) a tub of yoghurt. I loved how easy it was to swap to a brand that only uses real ingredients, so I thought I would share the swaps I was making as it might help other people make better choices when they shop and help ease their confusion.

How important do you think it is to watch your intake of preservatives? Do you think lowering our preservative intake will help fight disease and illness?

I think it is very important to understand how many preservatives you are consuming. The issue is that people are unaware that a lot of the food they purchase contains additives and preservatives. It’s not just in ‘junk’ food but in popular staples such as bread, pasta sauce and butter. Preservatives are allowed to be added to food based on an ‘Acceptable Daily Intake’ level. This is where the problem occurs, if you are not aware you are even consuming preservatives, then you an easily exceed the recommended ADI and that is when a range of side effects can occur.

The biggest argument is that people find healthier alternatives more expensive? Do you think this is the case or is there a smarter way we can shop?

I think this has traditionally been the case with healthy, good quality food but at Supermarket Swap we're talking about swapping from one can of diced tomatoes to another, which can often be less expensive! Sometimes, the cleaner swap does cost more but we ensure we always tell people when it’s on sale via our Instagram and app, so buying better quality food doesn’t have to cost you more.

What are some simple ways our readers can start implementing to shop healthier and smarter?

The easiest way is to read the ingredients list, and look for real and recognisable ingredients. If you see a lot of numbers or words and you can’t pronounce them, put them back on the shelf as it’s full of artificial ingredients. Stock up on the clean products when they are on sale!


Better Choices, in your Pocket! 
If you want to make better food choices and save money when you shop at the supermarket, you can download the Supermarket Swap App.