Why Include IV Therapy Into You Health Routine

Why Include IV Therapy Into You Health Routine

We spoke to owner Kim from the Dripclub about her journey with IV Therapy, and why everyone should include nutrient drip therapy into their wellness journey.


Tell us why most people should include IV therapy into their health routine?

IV Therapy is the best way to treat micro deficiencies in the nutrients our bodies need to function efficiently. Many people suffer from vitamin deficiencies, commonly low iron or vitamin D or C. Nutrient deficiencies can have a big impact on quality-of-life, for example low energy or even poor mental health from a low magnesium status. IV Therapy is more effective than traditional supplements as it bypasses the gut system and delivers the vitamins and other nutrients intravenously so your body can use them immediately. Nutrients delivered in this medical way aren't dangerous and are highly beneficial. 

Immunity against viruses and other bugs is very poignant right now, how can IV therapy help this?

We know the strength of your immune system is increased if you're not deficient in the vital vitamins and minerals that help your body fight off viruses. Our Immunity drip provides a massive double dose of Vitamin C and Zinc, and will send any cough or cold packing. You can also add additional nutrients to our drips, customising your drip to benefit your body and lifestyle. I like to add Glutathione and Multi-B to my pre-winter Immunity drip so I know my immune system is kicking at full strength!

For those starting out what would you suggest they book in for?

Start out with a consultation first, so we can get to know your personal needs. We don’t recommend a particular drip for first time members, we prefer to understand what you need/want and then recommend our treatments that will help you reach your goals.  We offer nurse and GP consults, so our clients are getting valuable medical recommendations.


Is IV therapy for everyone?

We recommend everyone explore the options, and book in for a consultation if you want to learn more. There are some reasons why you might not be suited to an infusion, for instance if you have a pre-existing medical condition or simply you're not feeling 100%.  However, for most people IV Therapy offers a hyper-efficient and effective way to boost your nutrient levels, helping you look good and feel even better.