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Soba Noodle Salmon Bowl Recipe

Summer Salmon Bowls are here! Try what Belle, from AB Performance Nutrition is whipping up for dinner this summer with her Soba Noodle Salmon Bowl recipe packed with flavour and nourishing ingredients.



To make TWO bowls 


Two salmon fillets – skin off 

¼ Red Cabbage & ¼ white cabbage to make slaw

Edamame Beans (small packet – save the rest) 

X1 Packet of Soba noodles (use two sleeves from the three-sleeve pack) 

30ml Japanese mayonnaise 

Teaspoon of Black sesame seeds 

1/3 bunch Coriander & 3 stems of spring onion 

*Half an Avocado



100ml coconut aminos 

5 tbs Tamari soy sauce 

1.5 tbs maple syrup or rice malt syrup 

lemon juice of one lemon 

X 2 teaspoon sesame oil 


Instructions : 

Marinate the salmon in some coconut aminos and salt, then fry in pan until pink inside. You can ladle some dressing over the salmon as it cooks.  

Assemble the salad options by thinly slicing the red & white cabbage and combining together. (anything left over can be used the next night) 

Drain the edamame beans of any water and set aside. Thinly slice the spring onion and chop the stems of the coriander and leave the leaf for a garnish.  

Boil the soba noodles, drain and then stir through 4-5 tablespoons of the dressing. 

To assemble your bowls, place soba noodles on the bottom and then in sections, assemble the slaw, edamame & spring onion. You can scatter some coriander stem over the bowl here too. Lay the cooked piece of salmon over the top and a small dollop of Japanese mayo. Scatter black sesame seeds and garnish with coriander. Drizzle the remainder of the dressing over the bowl. 




*Avocado is an options and also tastes delicious.