Introducing Ben Wade owner of Recovery Hub Glenelg

Introducing Ben Wade owner of Recovery Hub Glenelg

Ben started his career as a PT which lead to his passion for sharing the latest
techniques and technology in recovery.

Our team gave Cryotherapy a go and loved it! We also discussed with Ben
the importance of recovery.


How did The Recovery Hub start and what was the main need from your community?
We approached TRH Mawson Lakes in late June 2022 and expressed interest in opening a store in Glenelg. We come from a Health and Fitness background with a combine 15 years experience in the industry. My main goal as a Personal Trainer
is to get people fit and healthy for whatever life throws at them and to do so the right recovery tools need to be available, alas the need for TRH Glenelg.


Thanks for having us in for a cryotherapy session, what are the main benefits?
The main benefits of Cryotherapy, reduce inflammation, boost circulation,
boost immune system, elevate pain caused by arthritis, muscle recovery
and my favourite activation of the vagus nerve which in turn gives a
release of dopamine and serotonin leaving you with mental clarity and a
boost of energy.


How often should people be including recovery techniques in their routines?
Recovery is something unfortunately a lot of the time people don't prioritise which more often than not leads to injury or even sometimes illness. Just like in the gym everyone is different and there is no one size fits all type approach, everyone should include at least 1 day per week in to their routine and some depending on the level of physical activity, another contrast therapy is very popular where you go from one extreme to another, here at TRH Glenelg its Cryo (-110deg) to Sauna (70deg).


What are the goals for the recovery hub in future?
To be able to educate people about the benefits of our holistic health and wellness centres through growth throughout the communities of Adelaide, Australia and beyond.