Wellness-Newsletter-No.-6-The-Prevention-Issue BowlsomeAU

Wellness Newsletter No. 6 - The Prevention Issue

Nutrition is the very reason we do things here at Bowlsome! We know living a mindful life from nutrition right through to daily habits can change everything.

This month our team felt strongly to put together an issue to shine a light on bowel cancer and important nutritional prevention methods.

We've teamed together with South Australian dietician Amanda Maiorano, Healthcore CEO and bowel cancer survivor Zoe Bois, and Australian model and bowel cancer awareness advocate Kellie Finlayson to share their knowledge, wisdom and advice on bowel cancer prevention.

Bowel cancer in particular is something that has not only affected our lives, but has become increasingly common in Australia. By helping to spread awareness we hope that more people will be able to see the early warning signs and get the help they need as early as possible.

*Disclaimer: This information is to help support and shine light, if you are at all
experiencing systems its best to get in contact with a health care provider